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A Brighter Future

Below are some adult students just like you who created their own path to success.

“As a career changer and a single mother to my 10-year-old daughter, I wanted to be sure I would have a paycheck at the end of the program.”

Alyssa Linkamper

Alyssa, an Air Force veteran and mom, wanted to change careers after working in medical billing for several years. She had no experience working with boats but wanted to see where she could go in the marine industry. Even though she was the only woman in her classes, she did well in her program and received many awards for her performance. Alyssa was hired after graduation as a Marine Technician and has been promoted within the company several times.

“It’s not a requirement to be a certain age to follow your dreams.”

Craig Butler

In his 60s, Craig returned to school to follow his lifelong dream of working in the trades as an electrician. He previously worked for Texas Instruments and BioMed for many years before deciding to go back to school. He graduated in 2019 and soon began an apprenticeship that will help him gain the work experience and additional education needed to become a licensed electrician.

“The manufacturing company I worked at for eight years would have paid for me to attend school to become an electrician but my passion, my dream, was to learn computer technology.”

Jai Parsai

Jai always had a passion to work with computers. When he came to the United States after teaching in Nepal, he worked in manufacturing and was able to move up within the company. After eight years, he still wanted more and decided to go to school to pursue his dream to work in IT. He enrolled in a Computer Service Technician program and was hired as a Helpdesk Engineer after graduation at the same company he interned for during the program.

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